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Today is modern era where everyone wants to be familiar with design ideas. In fact, to design a room with oneself is really interesting. Teenage girls are very sensitive,  sophisticated and stylish. During this period of life, they are careless and attracted with adventurous life.  Though the surroundings full of danger but they desire freedom.

Often teenage girls have a same idiosyncrasy. Their characteristics influence on their room design too.  Discussion is an essential part before design room. To design teenage girl’s room is a very difficult task. Teenage girls should be gratified after their room design.

Having kept all these things before design any room. Teenage girl’s room has to look clean and tidy, so they need enough cabinets and capacity. Because they want to place multifarious stuff in their room. Ample light is a vital part to design a teenage girl’s  room. Their room should be highly allurement. However, the entire design should be appropriate to their age, otherwise they are not jubilant. Bright color scheme is the first priority in design their room. In fact, teenage girls mostly desire bright colors such as pink, red, purple, orange.

To adorn their room with splendid cabinets and furniture looks aesthetically. Beautiful accessories enrich the beauty in the room. If select pink color scheme, then combination of contemporary colors such as white and red present lavish room. To embellish with Barbie doll pictures and Barbie doll gives fantastic looks. The combination of abreast fabric on bedding and curtain display excited and fabulous theme. Em-blaze with check design or flower fabrics enhance the beauty in the room. Another essential element in designing a room is luscious furniture. Curtains should be matched or have contrast with colorful wall. If glass polish tiles used on the floor, it will look gorgeous. Wall paper is the cheapest solution for those who cannot make or afford rock wall, stone veneer wall, timber panel wall, and grape wall.

In a nutshell, teenage girls spent all activities in their room such as study, sleeping, hang out with  friends. Their room should design by keeping all these things in mind. Though it’s necessary requirement for interior designer. Mostly, lady’s choice purple color scheme. It is highly in demand. Purple color means peaceful,  calm, regal, dignified, day dreaming, royalty, spiritual and most importantly it lowers blood pressure. Colors influence on our personality. Choosing a right color scheme is definitely not facile task.  If choose a light purple color scheme in room,  contemporary white furniture and  focal point wall with dark violet enhances the beauty in the room.   Use principal color as purple.

Another idea is to em-blaze room with light cream wood furniture. The white color scheme is the consummate choice for these types of furniture’s. Use Red net curtains, mustard rug,  and red flowers in the corner of dressing table with Red accessories enrich beauty and look commendable. Do not get worried and confuse while design your own room.  These ideas will help  surely in designing rooms. Through these ideas teenage girls can design their own room with the own choice. However, to design with hello kitty is another exciting and aesthetic idea. Use hello kitty painting on a focal point wall and hello kitty accessories with pink color scheme. Apply pink as principal color and contrast with white and red or yellow. Brick wall on a focal point wall is also a creative idea. Apply light brown and contrast with mustard and golden. It appears meritorious.

Typically, teenage girls are adorned by celebrity pictures. Because during this period of life surrounding influence in countless ways. Though surrounding to play a key role in building the identity of teenage girls. I guess these are enough ideas to design a teenage girl’s room so why not try yourself?

Image Credit: Decorati, Pbteen and Freshome

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