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bedroom colors for men The choice of bedroom colors for men depends on the person using the room. Therefore, it is said that personal taste and liking are the foremost factor while selecting color. When the task is to paint a man’s room, the basic requirement is to know what he likes and the shades which suit his masculine personality. The reason why selection of bedroom colors for men is given much importance is that colors do affect one’s mood. A unique feeling or environment is associated with each color. So, the decision must be made on whether a person has a calm and peaceful nature or an energetic and lively one. Below are some colors, which might help in selecting the best color.

Different Bedroom Colors and Arrangement

Blue is a sign of peace and calmness for bedroom colors for men. Blue is the perfect choice for a man who spends a whole tiring day at office and wants relaxation as he returns home. The varying shades available are classy ocean blue, topaz blue, sky blue, powder blue or hot electric blue. Combination of blue and gray is very popular whereas lemon yellow and white along with light shades of blue makes an excellent choice for a room. Curtains in shades of white and off white with blue paint on wall give a warm look to the room.

Shades of brown make a room look wide and spacious. They match perfectly with wooden and antique furniture. If one wants his room to be of dark color, chocolate brown could be an answer to it. Where as beige with chocolate brown can be a symbol for a voluminous room. A good decoration idea is to put up light brown, beige curtains, which have dark-brown  prints on them and room could be painted a mixture of dark and light brown.


For men bedroom colors gray are always an artistic choice. It’s the best option for men who want their room to look graceful and widespread. The best point about painting room in gray is that a large collection of colors served a great contrast with it such as lemon yellow, white, off white, taupe, silver, blue, and teal. The most eye catching colors for bedroom in 2011 are ash gray, magnetic gray, stone harbor, argent, wolf gray, charcoal gray, gray tint, green blue.

White is most suitable for people who get bored easily and want to change every now and then. They don’t stick on same things around them for a long time. When a room is painted white the overall decoration of the room like the curtains, carpets, furniture, etc must be of a darker shade.


Black and white has been the most popular combination’s for bedroom colors for men. Black gives a sharp look. Cool and funky colors can be added for designing and texture paint techniques. Zebra pattern curtains are a perfect match for such rooms and give a lively look.

Yellow, orange, green, peach also adds pleasant look to a man’s room. All the decor and furniture of the room must compliment the color of the walls and roof. Apart from the paint and color in men bedroom, other factors like overall decoration, furniture setting, etc play an equal important role.

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